The “Problem” of Success

Empty RoomIf a Morning Devotion is given to an empty room, did it actually happen? July 22 was a milestone of sorts at Discipleship House, as all of the current residents were either employed or in school on this day. This was repeated in days to come, obviously, after our latest two residents had come off of their introductory period, started their job search, and found employment.


One of the interesting things about running a new Rescue Mission is that even though you can work hard to plan things, sometimes the planning is done for you (thank you, Lord!). When GSM started last year, we discussed how we were going to connect with vocational services so that our men could find work. Now about 1 year in, we have not yet had a need to do this, as everyone here who reached the point in the program where they needed to look for work  found employment pretty promptly. Three of our residents this year have even held down multiple jobs at once. As of the day this is written, five of our residents are working, one is in school full time, and another just left after having been here for seven months and having worked for the last five. What we  have now been planning for is how to make sure our men get the support they need now that they are gone during the day. We have moved more of our programs and ministry to the evenings. We also shortened the duration of the program to 9 months in recognition that if our men are successful, they can receive what we have to offer them in that timeframe.


So we live and learn! Stay tuned for more changes…


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